Definitions of "abandonment"
  1. Refers to the act where property or rights are deserted or left behind
  2. When an inventor voluntarily gives up the right to enforce a patent
  3. When an author voluntarily gives their copyrighted work to the public domain
  4. Involves the cessation of trademark use with the intent to never resume use, thereby giving up the trademark
  5. When an insured party forfeits all claims to damaged or lost property to an insurer, accepting it as a total loss
  6. When a trustee in bankruptcy gives up interest in property in the bankruptcy estate, usually for a small sum
  7. Refers to the act where one person is left behind or deserted by another
  8. When there is a deliberate lack of contact with a spouse with the intent to cause a permanent separation
  9. When there is a failure to keep in touch with or provide financial assistance to one's child over a period of time, demonstrating an intent to abandon parental duties and rights
  10. Refers to the act where a contract is deserted or left behind
  11. The intentional cessation of a course of action such as a crime
  12. When a person voluntarily withdraws from committing a crime due to a change of heart, not because of external circumstances
How to use "abandonment" in a sentence
  1. The company faced a lawsuit for the abandonment of hazardous waste on the former factory site.
  2. After years of neglect and lack of communication, he was presumed to have indicated abandonment of his parental rights.
  3. The notorious gangster was acquitted after successfully arguing that his abandonment of the planned robbery was due to a genuine change of heart, not fear of being caught.

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