Definitions of "abate"
  1. Refers to the act of eliminating or nullifying something
  2. Implies the act of making something invalid or ineffective
  3. Indicates the process of lessening something, often in a proportional manner
  4. Connotes the falling through or becoming invalidated or ineffective
  5. Represents the process of dwindling in value or quantity
How to use "abate" in a sentence
  1. The judge was able to abate the irrelevant evidence from the case.
  2. Since the contract was not signed, it was abated and held no legal standing.
  3. Upon reviewing the case, the fines for the traffic ticket were abated.
  4. Due to certain errors, the testament was abated and had no legal effect.
  5. The value of the property abated after the economic crisis.

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