abstract of judgment

Definition of "abstract of judgment"
  1. A documented summary of a court's decision, expressing the money owed by the party who lost the lawsuit to the winning party, including the interest rate on this amount, court expenses, and any required actions for the losing party. It's sealed with approval and recorded at the county recorder's office to establish a public record and potentially a claim on any real estate the losing party owns or acquires in the same county. If the debt isn't paid voluntarily, the winning party can force a sale of property to collect the debt
How to use "abstract of judgment" in a sentence
  1. The court issued an abstract of judgment, speeding up the property lien process.
  2. The unpaid debt led him to request an abstract of judgment to secure his claim.
  3. Any property acquired in the county could be subject to the terms outlined in the abstract of judgment.

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