Definitions of "abuse"
  1. The act of using something in a manner that it is not intended for
  2. Using something unjustly or in a wrongful way
  3. Utilizing something in an inappropriate or excessively
  4. Purposeful or negligent infliction of physical or emotional harm, often recurring, especially on a minor
  5. Participation in sexual acts with a minor, as defined by law
  6. Severe criticism or insult expressed through words
  7. A situation where something is used in a wrong, unfair, or excessive way
  8. The intentional infliction of physical or psychological injury
How to use "abuse" in a sentence
  1. The abuse of consumer products has led to many preventable injuries.
  2. The manager was reprimanded for the abuse of his power, after he was found to be treating his subordinates unfairly.
  3. The child was removed from the home after reports of continuous abuse were confirmed by the child welfare agency.

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