Definitions of "accelerate"
  1. The action of causing an event to happen sooner than originally scheduled
  2. The action of advancing the due date of a debt agreement to demand immediate payment
  3. The process of having future property rights come into effect earlier by eliminating earlier interests, such as through failure or early termination
  4. The act of putting into effect a clause in a contract which allows for the entire debt to become due immediately upon the occurrence of a specific event
How to use "accelerate" in a sentence
  1. When the company failed to meet certain financial conditions, their lender chose to accelerate the loan requiring immediate repayment of all outstanding amounts.
  2. The tenant's violation of the lease agreement caused the landlord to accelerate the rent, demanding the full lease amount at once.
  3. The heir was able to accelerate their interest in the property once the life tenancy ended prematurely.

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