Definitions of "access"
  1. The act of having the right, freedom, or ability to approach, interact with, or leave a certain location, object, or individual
  2. The lawful right of a landowner to go from their own land to a public road and to come back without any interruption
  3. The freedom or ability to acquire, make use of, or participate in a particular thing or activity
  4. An available route or method for reaching a specific location or thing
  5. The process of reaching or departing from a specific location
  6. An opportunity for a person to view or create a copy of a copyrighted work's content
How to use "access" in a sentence
  1. Due to the new security protocols, only authorized personnel have access to the server room.
  2. The property owner has maintained his access to the main road despite the new development nearby.
  3. The library provides access to a variety of online databases for its members.

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