Definitions of "accretion"
  1. It refers to the process or outcome of becoming larger or growing
  2. This term describes the expansion of land borders or the acquisition of additional land by a landowner due to subtle changes caused by natural forces, such as the deposition of sand or soil from rivers or seas or the gradual withdrawal of water from the normal high-water mark
  3. Refers to the increase in quantity, extent, or value of any type of asset
  4. It's the expansion of a bargaining unit through the incorporation of new workers
  5. When an heir or co-beneficiary obtains the right to accept part of an inheritance due to another co-heir or co-beneficiary's failure to claim their share, this happens
How to use "accretion" in a sentence
  1. The accretion of their property was mainly due to years of smart investing in real estate.
  2. Due to accretion, the company's bargaining unit now includes employees from the newly acquired subsidiary.
  3. The beachfront property experienced significant accretion as time went by, dramatically increasing its market value.

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