Definitions of "action"
  1. It refers to a court proceeding which is intended to enforce or protect a right, to address or prevent an injustice, or to punish a public crime
  2. It can be defined as the legal right to initiate or proceed with such a judicial process
  3. It also implies a decision made or an act by a governmental executive or legislative body, like an administrative agency, or by an organization's board of directors
  4. It is defined as a voluntary and intentional act that conveys itself outwardly or a certain behavior
How to use "action" in a sentence
  1. The plaintiff decided to discontinue the action and settled the dispute out of court.
  2. The action of the board of directors resulted in a significant increase in the company's share price.
  3. Her sudden action gave everyone the impression that she was bluffing about her claim.

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