Definitions of "adjudicate"
  1. The act of reaching a decision, either final or temporary, regarding the rights and obligations of the parties involved in a legal or semi-legal procedure based on the issues at hand
  2. An act of giving a verdict or settlement in a legal dispute, similar to the role of a judge
  3. A declaration or pronouncement issued by a judge or a court of law
  4. The process of transferring ownership of a property or asset through a court-ordered sale
  5. The act of making a legal decision, like a judge would
How to use "adjudicate" in a sentence
  1. The court is expected to adjudicate on this matter by next week.
  2. Their property dispute was adjudicated by a panel of legal experts.
  3. After hearing all the arguments, the presiding officer adjudicated in favor of the defendant.

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