Definitions of "administration"
  1. The organizing, conducting, and managing of something
  2. The lawful process where a court manages and distributes a deceased person's estate via an executor or administrator
  3. The act of managing the property of a minor, achieved by an appointed trustee or guardian
  4. The supervisory act with regards to resources held under a trust
  5. The practical implementation of public affairs, differentiating from the creation of policies
  6. A collective group of individuals within an organization, tasked with control duties
  7. A governmental unit or committee entrusted with administrative tasks
  8. The period of authority of an officer or administrative body
How to use "administration" in a sentence
  1. Filing and sorting paperwork is a part of administration of a business.
  2. The administration of the deceased's estate was handed over to a trusted family friend.
  3. During his administration, the mayor implemented several new policies to improve the city's infrastructure.

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