Definitions of "agency"
  1. A means via which influence is exerted or a result is achieved
  2. A willingly assumed relationship where one party acts in the interest of and is controlled by another when dealing with third parties
  3. The role and duties carried out by a representative
  4. The branch of law that deals with relationships between a principal and representative
  5. An organization mandated to conduct business on behalf of another
  6. An organization permitted by an insurance firm to sell insurance policies and provide insurer's services
  7. An organization given authority by property owners to find potential buyers for their property
  8. A government unit or department set up by law to manage the implementation of law in a specific public interest area
How to use "agency" in a sentence
  1. The charity functions as an agency for the distribution of food to the less privileged.
  2. The real estate agency was responsible for finding a buyer for the property.
  3. The Environmental Protection Agency oversees the regulation of pollution.

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