Definitions of "agent"
  1. A force or entity that performs actions or applies power to achieve a certain outcome
  2. An individual or entity who carries out actions influenced or directed by another
  3. An individual or entity approved to act on behalf of and under the direction of someone else in dealings with third parties
  4. A designated representative who accepts legal notifications on behalf of a corporation or nonresident estate manager, typically as mandated by law
  5. An individual or organization that locates potential buyers or renters for property owners typically for a fee
  6. An independent representative who sells or provides services for an insurance company
  7. An official representative or delegate of a government
  8. An employee of a government organization typically involved in enforcing the law
How to use "agent" in a sentence
  1. The real estate agent is working hard to find potential buyers for the property.
  2. The agent of the insurance company helped the clients understand the terms of their policy.
  3. In legal proceedings, it is common for a corporation to have an agent who can accept service of process on its behalf.

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