Alien and Sedition Acts

Definition of "Alien and Sedition Acts"
  1. These are laws that were enacted by the U.S. Congress to preserve internal security, particularly anticipating a potential conflict with France. The legislation targeted immigrants, especially those from France and Ireland, by lengthening the residency requirement for becoming a U.S. citizen from 5 to 14 years, facilitating the detainment of individuals from hostile countries, and granting the president authority to deport any non-citizen deemed dangerous. Besides, these Acts prohibited the dissemination of false or malicious information against the government and any actions promoting resistance against congressional laws or presidential decisions. Although these laws have now been repealed or lapsed, the contemporary law under 50 U.S.C. § 21 traces back to the principles outlined in the second Alien Act
How to use "Alien and Sedition Acts" in a sentence
  1. Several immigrants had their naturalization process delayed due to the Alien and Sedition Acts.
  2. The courts saw an increase in cases related to the Alien and Sedition Acts when fear of war with France was at its peak.
  3. The president used the Alien and Sedition Acts to deport several aliens whom he perceived as a threat to national security.

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