Definitions of "answer"
  1. A formal documentation by a defendant in response to the allegations made by the plaintiff in a court. This document can include denials of the allegations, presentation of defenses, counterclaims, or any claims against third parties not previously involved in the case
  2. A documented reply given in response to any counterclaims, cross-claims, or claims against third parties made in a lawsuit
  3. The process of officially submitting or providing a written rejoinder in a legal matter
  4. A situation where one party (or person) assumes accountability or responsibility on behalf of another, particularly regarding a debt
  5. The act of providing a reaction to a query or a statement
  6. The process of presenting a defense in response to an accusation or charge
How to use "answer" in a sentence
  1. I will need to draft my answer to the lawsuit filed against me carefully.
  2. Before we can proceed, we must receive an answer from the defendant.
  3. The lawyer worked late into the night to prepare an answer for the charges brought against his client.

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