Definitions of "apportion"
  1. The act of dividing or allocating an amount due in a fair and balanced manner in light of a pre-planned arrangement
  2. The action of segregating a tax or other obligation among the parties who should bear different parts of the payment
  3. The assignment of a part of the agreed payment in a contract as compensation for the recipient's partial fulfillment of their obligations
  4. The disbursement of corporate profits to shareholders, based on a certain ratio or fraction
  5. The lawful assignment of legislative representatives and taxes among various states
How to use "apportion" in a sentence
  1. The company had to apportion the proceeds from the sale among its investors.
  2. To resolve the disagreement, the board decided to apportion the remaining funds.
  3. The responsibility of the tax department is to apportion liabilities among taxpayers based on their income.

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