arm's length

Definitions of "arm's length"
  1. A circumstance in a business transaction where all involved parties act independently, possessing their own interests and none being under the control or influence of another
  2. An agreement made freely and independently between two parties who have no special relationship, assuring fair terms and conditions
How to use "arm's length" in a sentence
  1. The two companies negotiated the contract at arm's length to ensure fairness.
  2. Each party maintained an arm's length relationship during the property sale to avoid any conflicts of interest.
  3. To maintain integrity, it is necessary to conduct such transactions at arm's length.
  4. The house was sold for a fair market price since it was an arm's length transaction.
  5. Their business dealings were conducted at arm's length to avoid conflicts of interest.
  6. The arm's length principle ensures that both parties in a transaction are acting in their own self interest.

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