Definitions of "attach"
  1. The process of acquiring a court order which instructs an authorized court officer to seize or assume control over an individual's property
  2. The act of linking or incorporating something as part of a whole
  3. The creation of a security interest in a property, thereby securing the right to foreclose on the property for debt repayment and exclusively exercising rights over the property against any third-party claims
  4. A condition where something, typically a rule or legal regulation, officially starts to apply or take effect
  5. The event when a security interest is formed, usually to ensure the payment of a debt
  6. The instance when something, generally a legal right, begins to apply or comes into effect
How to use "attach" in a sentence
  1. The court decided to attach the debtor's property to guarantee the payment of the outstanding debt.
  2. To safeguard their loan amount, the bank has decided to attach a security interest to the borrower's house.
  3. The new regulations will attach next month, ensuring better protection for consumers.

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