Definitions of "authority"
  1. The official ruling given by a court, typically used as a basis for future cases
  2. The right given to an individual or entity based on their role or position which gives them control over others
  3. The officially or formally given power to perform certain actions, provided by legislative acts, corporate laws, or court mandates
  4. The right to take action, granted by individuals who hold control
  5. An individual who holds a position of control, typically in a government setting
  6. A regulatory body or organization that manages a public service which generates income
  7. A public body or office that oversees a particular field of regulation
How to use "authority" in a sentence
  1. The director acted beyond his authority when he approved the budget increase without board approval.
  2. The newly elected mayor plans to utilize his authority to promote environmental conservation in the city.
  3. The housing authority has just approved new set of rules to regulate apartment rentals.

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