Definitions of "award"
  1. The act of giving as a result of a legal or administrative decision
  2. The act of granting something to someone because they have earned it
  3. The final decision or judgment in a legal case
  4. A formal determination made about benefits in a claim related to worker's compensation
  5. Something that is granted to a person, typically due to merit or entitlement
  6. A contract that a successful bidder obtains
  7. Financial compensation granted to a party in a legal proceeding, often in the form of damages or alimony
How to use "award" in a sentence
  1. The judge decided to award the plaintiff with a significant amount of damages for his suffering.
  2. After a thorough review of the judge's decision, the benefits were finally awarded in the worker's compensation claim.
  3. The construction company was ecstatic to have the major city contract awarded to them after several rounds of bidding.

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