Definitions of "bail"
  1. A system that allows for the temporary freedom of a person accused or convicted of a crime, given assurance of their return for future court hearings
  2. The financial or material guarantee provided as assurance for a prisoner's temporary release from custody
  3. A person or entity who provides the guarantee that a released prisoner will return for future court dates
  4. The act of temporarily releasing a person accused or convicted of a crime, on the condition of return for future hearings
  5. The process of securing the temporary release of an accused or convicted person by providing a guarantee of their future court appearances
  6. The act of placing personal belongings under a temporary agreement, called bailment, for safekeeping or other purposes
How to use "bail" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer managed to secure bail for his client.
  2. The defendant's family offered their house as bail to ensure his return for the trial.
  3. Being a bail for someone implies taking the responsibility of their appearance in court.

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