Definitions of "bar"
  1. A railing in a courtroom that separates the judge's area from the rest of the courtroom
  2. The collective term for all individuals who are legally qualified to practice law
  3. The occupation or profession associated with practicing law
  4. Something that prevents entry, advancement, or carrying out an action
  5. An invisible hurdle or obstruction that hinders progress
  6. The final denial of a legal claim or action, particularly after a previous lawsuit addressing the same issue between the same parties has been lost
  7. To exclude or keep out
  8. To stop or hinder something from happening or someone from doing something
  9. To act as a hindrance or objection to a claim or action
  10. To stop a person or party from initiating a legal claim or action
How to use "bar" in a sentence
  1. The attorney will attempt to bar the introduction of the new evidence, arguing that it's irrelevant to the case.
  2. After passing the state bar exam, she became an official member of the legal bar.
  3. The company instituted a bar on solicitation in an attempt to limit interruptions during work hours.

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