Definitions of "bargain"
  1. An understanding reached between two or more individuals where each party agrees on what they will give or do as part of a transaction
  2. An item or service that has been obtained through negotiations or bargaining
  3. An item, service, or deal that provides significant value in comparison to its cost
  4. The process involved in discussing the conditions of an agreement, such as a contract, in order to reach a mutual understanding
  5. The act of negotiating as a group with employers or other parties regarding terms and conditions of employment
  6. Reaching an agreement or settling on terms and conditions in a situation or deal
  7. The act of transferring ownership of something based on the agreed-upon conditions of a deal
How to use "bargain" in a sentence
  1. The buyer and seller reached a bargain to exchange the car for a sum of money.
  2. After much negotiation, she was proud of the laptop she had as a bargain.
  3. Though he didn't barter often, when he bought the antique table, it was undoubtedly a bargain.

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