Definitions of "board"
  1. A collection of individuals who are responsible for making decisions, supervising, conducting investigations, or providing guidance for a business, trust, or other organization, whether it is public or private
  2. A group of citizens chosen through elections to manage the operations or a certain aspect of operations for a political entity such as a town or county
  3. An agency that operates at the federal, state, or local level within the government
  4. An entity that facilitates the buying and selling of securities or commodities
How to use "board" in a sentence
  1. The board of the private hospital held a meeting to discuss their response to the pandemic.
  2. The town residents voted for the members of the water management board in their local elections.
  3. The board of education made adjustments to the school district's curriculum based on recent policy changes.
  4. The stock exchange board monitors the purchase and sale of stocks to ensure legality.

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