Board of Immigration Appeals

Definition of "Board of Immigration Appeals"
  1. A tribunal consisting of 15 members that is managed by the Department of Justice, specifically under the Executive Office for Immigration Review. This body has the authority to review appeals from decisions made by immigration judges or the Department of Homeland Security throughout the United States. The rulings from this Board are mandatory for all officers in the Department of Homeland Security and immigration judges unless they are changed or refuted by the Attorney General or a federal court. Predominantly, cases before the Board concern deportation orders and the refusal of foreigners seeking entry to the United States. The decisions of the Board are a key source of immigration case law in the United States
How to use "Board of Immigration Appeals" in a sentence
  1. The appeal against the immigration judge's ruling was sent to the Board of Immigration Appeals for review.
  2. The legal representative prepared a strong case to present before the Board of Immigration Appeals, challenging the decision of the Department of Homeland Security.
  3. In the legal profession, decisions made by the Board of Immigration Appeals are often cited, highlighting their significance in shaping immigration case law.

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