Definitions of "bond"
  1. A written commitment to perform a specific action, such as showing up in court or fulfilling contractual obligations, or refrain from an action, like committing a crime, with the understanding that failure to comply will necessitate the payment of a sum of money or result in the loss of deposited funds
  2. An individual who agrees to secure the liability of another person
  3. A certificate owned by a corporation or government body indicating debt that accrues interest, often secured by a property lien, tailored to address a specific financial requirement
  4. The process of transforming into a debt backed up by bonds
  5. The act of supplying a bond for a particular purpose
How to use "bond" in a sentence
  1. The court required the defendant to submit a bond to ensure she would attend all future hearings.
  2. The construction company issued a bond to investors to fund a new project.
  3. The insurance company bonded the contractor, providing a guarantee of work completion.

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