Definitions of "break"
  1. The act of nullifying a will through a judicial process
  2. The act of entering another person's property without permission or by force
  3. The act of forcefully escaping from a confined space or situation
  4. The act of ending a labor strike not through negotiation but other strategies such as force
  5. The act of freeing oneself from confinement or restraint through a forceful effort
How to use "break" in a sentence
  1. The judge was asked to break the will based on claims that it was procured by undue influence.
  2. They were arrested for choosing to break private property during the protest.
  3. After months of captivity, he managed to break from his captors.
  4. The management attempted to break the labor strike by calling in private security.
  5. The horse managed to break from its stable, causing a commotion in the neighborhood.

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