Definitions of "call"
  1. The act of loudly announcing or stating something
  2. The process of officially recognizing someone as a barrister
  3. An official request for the payment of a debt
  4. The request for the presentation of a bond or option for the purpose of redemption
  5. The act of demanding payment of money
  6. A formal instruction by the U.S. Treasury for depositories to transfer a part of its deposit balance to the Federal Reserve bank
  7. A notice given to a stockholder or subscriber to pay a contribution or a portion of subscription to capital
  8. The act of making a formal announcement or recital
How to use "call" in a sentence
  1. The company decided to call the bond for redemption before its maturity date.
  2. After graduating from law school, she was called as a barrister.
  3. The U.S. Treasury sent a call to the bank, instructing it to transfer a portion of its deposit balance to the Federal Reserve.

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