Definitions of "cancel"
  1. The act of nullifying, making ineffective, or invalidating something
  2. Intentionally marking or altering a document or text, such as a will, to render it ineffective
  3. Render a negotiable instrument, like a check or contract, useless by intentionally marking or altering its content or signature
  4. The procedure of marking a check to indicate that the bank has finished the payment process
  5. Withdrawing the promise to fulfill an obligation in a letter of credit, making it non-binding
  6. The act of ceasing a contract, abolishing all its effects and obligations
  7. Discharging one party of a contract from any remaining responsibilities, effectively ending the contract
  8. Stopping a contract according to specific provisions due to a breach by the other party
  9. Ending a lease contract due to the other party's failure to meet their obligations or defaults
  10. The action of ending an insurance policy before its due term, usually following the guidelines set in the policy
How to use "cancel" in a sentence
  1. The bank will cancel the check once the payment has been finalized and cleared.
  2. If the leaseholder defaults on their payments, the landlord has the right to cancel the lease agreement.
  3. The company decided to cancel the insurance policy as it was no longer needed.

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