Definitions of "capital"
  1. A term relating to penalties that involve losing one's life as a legal punishment
  2. Associated with carrying out a legal penalty that involves taking away a person's life
  3. Refers to the central location where a government's main offices and functions reside
  4. Pertains to the concept of capital as in finance, investment or wealth
  5. Defines accumulated wealth, generally in monetary form, that is utilized for investment
  6. Describes assets such as equipment, machines, or property that aid in producing other goods or commodities
  7. Indicates properties like shares, bonds, or securities that are exploited for income generation
  8. Refers to a city that serves as the central location for government operations and activities
How to use "capital" in a sentence
  1. The sentencing was harsh, but the crime was a capital offense under state law.
  2. In recent years, the government has moved its operations to the new capital, where they plan to improve infrastructure.
  3. The company is looking for capital to finance the mass production of their new product line.

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