Definitions of "capricious"
  1. Refers to an action or decision made based on sudden impulse or whim, without a consistent or predictable pattern
  2. Denotes a decision or action that does not have a logical or sensible reasoning behind it
  3. Describes something that has a propensity to undergo sudden and unexpected changes
  4. Identifies actions or decisions that don't have sufficient evidence or aren't in line with recognized legal principles
How to use "capricious" in a sentence
  1. The judge ruled the mayor's actions were capricious, as they seemed to be driven by whim rather than sound reasoning.
  2. The capricious nature of the new rule was concerning, shifting unpredictably and often.
  3. The claim was dismissed due to the capriciousness of the plaintiff's allegations, lacking concrete evidence or adherence to established laws.

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