Definitions of "cause"
  1. The trigger or instigator that produces an outcome or result
  2. The rationale or justification for a particular action or belief
  3. An adequate reason that justifies a certain conduct or action, often used in the phrase 'good cause'
  4. A substantial and legal reason for taking a particular action, often used in the phrase 'just cause'
  5. The base or foundation of a legal action or lawsuit
  6. The motivation or rationale behind establishing a contract
  7. The action of bringing about a specific outcome or effect
  8. The action of producing a result through exertion of command, authority, or force
How to use "cause" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer argued that the plaintiff had a clear and just cause for pursuing the lawsuit.
  2. The cause of the contract breach was a confusion in the terms of the agreement.
  3. The judge ruled in favor of the defendant due to lack of good cause provided by the prosecution.

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