certificate of title

Definitions of "certificate of title"
  1. A legal document stating the ownership of a specific property, showing it's clear of all impediments, save for possibly listed encumbrances like a mortgage
  2. An official document provided by a motor vehicle registry, indicating the owning party of a motor vehicle
  3. A document dispensed by a registry of deeds, affirming the proprietorship of a certain property
  4. A legal statement provided by a title researcher such as a lawyer, expressing the legal status of a property's title based on an investigation or abstract of title
How to use "certificate of title" in a sentence
  1. After paying off the mortgage, they received their certificate of title, showing they were now the sole owners.
  2. He couldn't sell the car legally until he had the certificate of title in his hand.
  3. The new homeowners waited anxiously for the certificate of title to confirm that they were free and clear of any previous claims.

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