Definitions of "charge"
  1. Something that is obligatory or necessary to do
  2. The overseeing, direction, or control of another person's activities or responsibilities
  3. A person or thing that is placed under the responsible care of someone else
  4. An authoritative command or direction provided from a position of power or authority
  5. An expense or cost that one becomes liable for
  6. The amount of money requested in exchange for access to a service or goods
  7. A recorded financial debt on an account
  8. A formal, official claim that someone has committed a wrongdoing or offense
  9. The act of assigning a task or duty to someone
  10. The act of giving an authoritative command or instruction to someone
  11. Accusing someone or making a claim that they have committed a crime or misconduct
  12. Making an accusation or claim, generally in a legal context
  13. Creating a monetary obligation for a person or an organization
  14. Officially recording a debt that a person or company is required to pay
  15. Deciding on a specific fee or payment for a service or product
  16. Requesting payment for a service or product from an individual or organization
How to use "charge" in a sentence
  1. The hospital issued a charge for the medical services provided to the patient.
  2. The child was put in the charge of a lawyer during his parents' court proceedings.
  3. The police have laid a charge against the man for his alleged involvement in the burglary.

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