Definitions of "claim"
  1. The request for something that is owed or believed to be owed, such as money
  2. A document that represents a demand for something that is due
  3. A stated ownership of something, like a debt or privilege, that is currently held by someone else
  4. The right to pursue a legal resolution as a result of damage or injury
  5. The legal right to seek payment or equitable justice as outlined in the Bankruptcy Code
  6. The formal declaration made by an individual applying for a patent that their invention is unique and qualifies for a patent, which includes a description of the invention and its function
How to use "claim" in a sentence
  1. He filed a claim for the damages caused during the accident.
  2. The company submitted a claim for the unpaid invoice.
  3. She submitted a patent claim for her newly developed software.

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