claim against a governmental agency

Definition of "claim against a governmental agency"
  1. An application made when an individual believes they are entitled to compensation for damage from the government, or in cases of an unpaid contract with a government entity. It is usually necessary to submit this claim in writing, in accordance with differing state laws. It must be filed within a specified period, and if the claimant wishes to proceed after rejection or inattention, a lawsuit must be initiated within a usually shorter time than other legal disputes
How to use "claim against a governmental agency" in a sentence
  1. The builder lodged a claim against a governmental agency due to non-payment for the library construction.
  2. The citizen filed a claim against a governmental agency following damage to his property during a government-led road expansion.
  3. In order to seek compensation for loss incurred due to a new education policy, the teacher had to make a claim against a governmental agency.

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