Definitions of "class"
  1. A set of individuals or items sharing certain attributes or qualities
  2. Individuals who share a specific relationship with a person creating a will and are identified to receive a gift under that will, with their identities to be confirmed in the future
  3. A collection of securities, like stocks or bonds, characterized by similar distinctive features like voting rights or redemption priority
  4. Members within a group that are involved and represented within a class action lawsuit
  5. A category of crimes, formed by a shared trait such as the use of violence, or the stipulation of a maximum penalty
How to use "class" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer specified that the class of beneficiaries will be determined by the will.
  2. The class of stocks in company X offers voting rights, while class B doesn't.
  3. All of the consumers impacted by the faulty product make up the class in this class action suit.

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