Definitions of "clerk"
  1. An individual appointed to manage communication, documents, and financial records as a part of their specified duties or authority, such as issuing legal documents
  2. A professional whose job involves managing and maintaining records, accounts, or performing administrative tasks in an office setting
  3. A person, potentially studying or trained in law, who works for a lawyer or judge to provide support for tasks related to legal cases, including research
  4. The act of performing duties as a clerk, usually involving administrative tasks
How to use "clerk" in a sentence
  1. The legal team hired a clerk to carefully organize all case-related documents and conduct necessary research.
  2. She applied to a local firm as a clerk, keen on learning the ropes of law while performing varied administrative tasks.
  3. When not in court, most of his time was spent clerk-ing, handling paperwork, and drafting legal documents.

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