Definitions of "close"
  1. The action of bringing something such as a case, discussion, or negotiation to its end or completion stage
  2. Concluding a discussion or a negotiation about a particular subject
  3. The final process of entering into or finalizing an agreement, specifically in the context of real estate transactions
  4. When something comes to its conclusion or gets entirely completed
  5. Refers to an enclosed or bounded space or area
How to use "close" in a sentence
  1. During the negotiation, both parties decided to close the deal as they reached a consensus.
  2. Once the evidence was submitted, the case was able to close.
  3. After months of waiting, they were finally able to close on the house.
  4. The construction project will close after its final inspection next week.
  5. The house has a substantial close where children can safely play.

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