color of title

Definitions of "color of title"
  1. A phrase used to describe a situation where a written document or record seems to give someone ownership rights, but does not because of some defect or absence in the document
  2. The perceived ownership of a piece of property that is claimed by someone who doesn't have a valid legal title, but has been staying or using the property in a way that conflicts with the rights of the true owner
How to use "color of title" in a sentence
  1. The farmer had been cultivating the land for decades, but it turned out to be a case of color of title as the official paperwork was not in order.
  2. The artisan set up his business in the abandoned warehouse under the color of title, until the rightful family heir came forward to claim it.
  3. In real estate cases, color of title often becomes a key issue, especially when it involves disputed properties.

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