Definitions of "comment"
  1. A detailed critique or interpretation that discusses a specific topic or subject matter
  2. An informative note or explanation attached to a piece of text, particularly a part of a formal code or rule that has been enforced
  3. A statement expressing personal views or sentiments regarding a particular subject
  4. A communication by a judge or prosecutor to a jury, regarding the details of a piece of evidence
  5. A written statement from an individual expressing their thoughts or knowledge, which has been requested by an organization in relation to its rule-making process
How to use "comment" in a sentence
  1. After reading the report, the supervisor wrote a comment to note the areas that needed improvement.
  2. The judge made a comment to the jury about the significance of the fingerprints found at the crime scene.
  3. In response to the proposed regulation, several businesses sent comments to the agency expressing their concerns.

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