Definitions of "commission"
  1. An official document that empowers an individual to carry out specific acts or duties
  2. The given authority to act as a representative for another individual or entity
  3. An assignment or task given to a person, acting as a representative on behalf of someone else
  4. A panel of persons assigned a specific responsibility or duty
  5. When used in the context of a city government, it refers to a city council with both law-making and executive roles
  6. In the context of a wrongdoing, it refers to the act of committing a particular act
  7. Refers to a payment given to an individual or agent for executing a business transaction or supplying a service
How to use "commission" in a sentence
  1. She received a commission to investigate the company's financial irregularities.
  2. The president gave him the commission to negotiate a new trade deal.
  3. The artist earns a commission each time his artwork is sold through the gallery.

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