Definitions of "common"
  1. Relates to the broader community or the public in general
  2. Something that is well-known or recognized among the general public
  3. Indicates a shared attribute or ownership among two or more persons or things, or across an entire group
  4. Refers to a type of corporate stock that shareholders own
  5. The legal ability to gain a benefit from someone else's land as shared with the landowner or others
  6. Refers to a land area that is available for use by everyone
  7. Describes a piece of land that's jointly owned and especially used for grazing livestock
  8. A term for an open public area in a city or town
  9. A situation of shared ownership where a right is divided among multiple people
How to use "common" in a sentence
  1. The city council decided to transform the abandoned lot into a common where people could enjoy outdoor activities.
  2. Investors typically purchase common stocks with the expectation of long-term growth and dividends.
  3. By law, the local farmers were permitted common rights to graze their livestock on certain land.

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