Definitions of "common-law"
  1. A system of legal principles and rules that evolve from court decisions, customs, and general principles, and are used when no specific laws apply
  2. Originated from English courts, a field of law characterized by distinctive remedies such as payment of damages or the recovery of property
  3. An English-originated legal system forming the foundation of U.S. federal law and state law, with the exception of the state of Louisiana
  4. Pertaining to or grounded in the common law system
  5. Associated with or based on a marriage recognized by the common law, but not formally registered
How to use "common-law" in a sentence
  1. The ruling was based on common-law principles, even though no specific statute applied to the situation.
  2. The common-law system was established by English courts and is distinguished from statutory and regulatory laws.
  3. In a common-law marriage, the couple lives together and presents themselves as married without having a formal ceremony or license.

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