Definitions of "concession"
  1. The action of accepting or admitting a circumstance or proposal
  2. A thing that is allowed or granted as a favor or privilege
  3. A benefit given to stimulate a certain behavior such as entering into an agreement
  4. A piece of land or property given by a government in exchange for particular services or specific use, like settling
  5. The permission to conduct profitable business activities on someone else's property
  6. A contractual agreement that provides a leaseholder the right to carry out profitable activities on the leased property
How to use "concession" in a sentence
  1. The company asked the city government for a concession to operate their business in the public park.
  2. The treaty included a few concessions that were hard for the country to accept, but it led to an end to the war.
  3. As part of the lease agreement, a concession was given to the tenant allowing them to run a coffee shop in the lobby of the building.

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