Definitions of "confirmation"
  1. The process of affirming, verifying, or sustaining something to establish its validity, truth, or genuineness
  2. It is an object or action that affirms, validates, or substantiates something else
  3. It's the contractual process where a person voluntarily agrees to make an initially revocable or assailable agreement enforceable and irreversible
  4. A formal assertion that rectifies the invalid portions of an obligation, making them legal and enforceable
  5. The legal process of transferring a valid legal title of a property to an individual who is already in possession of it, or using it to enlarge an existing estate
How to use "confirmation" in a sentence
  1. The court asked for a confirmation of the contract terms to finalize the legal proceedings.
  2. As a part of the property dispute resolution, a deed of confirmation was issued by the court to legally recognize the ownership.
  3. The credit card company required a confirmation of the debtor's consent to enforce the underlying credit agreement.

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