Definitions of "contract"
  1. A legally binding agreement made between two or more parties that creates duties and rights, and provides remedies for breaches of those duties
  2. A type of official document that provides insurance coverage as an agreement between the insurer and the insured
  3. The academic field that focuses on the laws that dictate how contracts are formed, interpreted, and enforced
  4. The act of formally agreeing to a set of terms and conditions, creating a legally enforceable obligation
  5. The act of arranging for goods or services to be provided under specific terms as outlined in a formal agreement
  6. The process of entering into a legal agreement, creating duties and rights for the parties involved
How to use "contract" in a sentence
  1. The company is planning to contract a design firm to revamp their website.
  2. The new life insurance contract provided financial protection for her family in the event of her passing.
  3. He spent years studying contract law to understand the intricacies of business agreements.

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