Definitions of "contribution"
  1. The act of paying a portion of an amount where there is liability
  2. The shared act of paying a financial penalty by two or more parties who are jointly at fault, often determined by their respective levels of fault
  3. The even division of a financial loss among all insurance policies that cover the same individual or property
  4. The act of paying an amount for which one is partially responsible
  5. The act of paying into a common fund, such as an insurance plan or retirement fund, often done by an employer or employee
How to use "contribution" in a sentence
  1. The employer's contribution to the group health insurance significantly lowered the employees' out-of-pocket expense.
  2. After the accident, both drivers were required to make a contribution to cover the damages based on their respective faults.
  3. Her insurance company determined the contribution each policy would make after assessing the total loss from the fire.

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