Definitions of "credit"
  1. An amount of money kept in a bank account that can be used by the holder and repaid in the future
  2. The arrangement of using money or resources now based on a commitment to compensate the lender later, typically with interest, often secured by property or the debtor's income
  3. The estimation of an individual's or corporation's trustworthiness for financial transactions
  4. A decrease in an expense or asset account
  5. A lessening of a sum otherwise payable
  6. The act of providing goods now with the expectation of payment at a future date
  7. The act of having confidence in the authenticity of something
  8. The act of recording an amount in the credit side of an account
  9. The act of adding an amount to someone's credit account
How to use "credit" in a sentence
  1. The bank approved his credit application for the property purchase.
  2. He maintains good credit by paying his bills on time.
  3. When the invoice was paid, the payment was posted to the credit side of their accounting ledger.

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