cy pres

Definitions of "cy pres"
  1. A principle in the domain of trusts and estates law that, when exact realization of the person's intentions is illegal, impractical, or impossible, the interpretation of deeds should follow as closely as they can to the individual's original intent
  2. Following the cy pres rule, meaning trying to uphold someone's wishes as closely as possible if their wishes cannot be implemented exactly as stated
How to use "cy pres" in a sentence
  1. The court used the cy pres doctrine to modify the trust as the testator's exact wishes were unattainable.
  2. If carrying out the exact terms of the will became impossible, the executor had to follow the cy pres principle to realize the testator's intent.
  3. In the complex realm of estate law, the cy pres methodology aids in maintaining the original intentions of the deceased as closely as possible.

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