De Donis Conditionalibus

Definition of "De Donis Conditionalibus"
  1. A late 13th-century English law that permitted land conveyors to restrict inheritance to the direct offspring of the recipient, with the provision that the land would be reclaimed if the recipient's direct lineage ceased (fee tail). This law reinforced the current landholder's control to transfer, thereby bolstering the feudal lords' powers
How to use "De Donis Conditionalibus" in a sentence
  1. De Donis Conditionalibus was critical because it affected the transfer of land to the immediate offspring of the recipient.
  2. The law strengthened the authority of the feudal lords by ensuring that, under De Donis Conditionalibus, the land would revert back to them if the direct line died out.
  3. The De Donis Conditionalibus legislation interpreted the concept of fee tail, allowing the transfer of land while maintaining control within specific family lines.

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